Eurotherm 2216e Series Temperature / Process Controller

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  • Versatile, high stability temperature or process controllers
  • Self-tuning with overshoot inhibition
  • Heating and cooling outputs
  • Modular hardware
  • Customized operator display
  • Digital communications

The 2216e is a versatile, high stability temperature / process controller, with self-tuning, in 1/16 DIN (48mm x 48mm) size.  They have modular hardware construction with the option of two control outputs, two alarm relays and a communications module.

The hardware is configurable for heating, cooling or alarms.  All instruments are fully configurable on-site.

Modular heating and cooling outputs

Modular heating and cooling outputs are provided with a choice of one or two alarm relay outputs.  The 1/8 and 1/4 DIN units have two digital inputs to select auto/manual transfer, standby mode, second setpoint or alarm acknowledge.

Easy connection through digital comms

Digital communications with industry standard protocols - including Modbus and DeviceNetTM communications - are available for easy connection to supervisory control and data logging systems.

Simple heat treatment profiles

Simple heat treatment profiles can be programmed using the internal ramp generator and dwell timer.

Advanced load current monitoring

Remove the need for ammeters by using the advanced load current monitoring facility.  Heater current may be displayed and open or short circuit faults detected.

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You can download the 2216e manual on our website