Eurotherm 24/26/27/3500 Series Individual Modules

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Individual modules for the 24/26/27/3500 series Eurotherm Temperature Controllers.

* NOTE: Most of these modules can be used in the 2400, 2604, 2704, and 3504 Controllers as well. If you have any questions pertaining to whether or not they are compatible with your unit, please feel free to email us and ask


Identifying Modules:

These modules have a few different identifiers, which are specified below:

Module Description Code
SUB35/R2 Single Relay 2-Pin AH025245U002
SUB35/R4 Changeover Relay AH025408U002
SUB35/RR Dual Relay 2-Pin AH025246U002
SUB24/L2 Single Logic O/P AH025278U002
SUB35/T2 Single Triac AH025253U002
SUB35/TT Dual Triac AH025409U002
SUB24/D2 DC Control Non Isol AH025219U002
SUB35/D4 DC O/P Isol AH025728U002
SUB24/D5 DC Input AH025686U002
SUB35/D6 DC Retrans Isol AH025728U002
SUB35/VU Potentiometer Input AH025864U002