Eurotherm 3216i Indicator and Alarm Unit

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MODEL: 3216i/AL/VH/LRxx/R/xxx/G/ENG/ENG

  • Universal input 

  • Changeover relay

  • PV Retransmission

  • Scrolling text messages 

  • Parameter help text

  • Recipes 

The 3216i indicator offers accurate indication and alarming of temperature and process measurements. Process interlocks, including over temperature furnace limits, are implemented using relay output channels.

The emphasis is on ease of use. A simple 'QuickStart' code is used to configure all the functions essential for indication and protecting your process. This includes input sensor type, measurement range and alarms making 'Out of the Box' operation truly achieveable.  

In operator mode every parameter has a scrolling text message describing its function and is available in English, German, French, Spanish or Italian.  More advanced features are configured using iTools with a PC based configuration wizard - giving an easy to use, instructive guide to all the functions in the indicator.

Recipes can be created using the PC tool. These recipes can be used to change the operating parameters of the 3200i simply by selecting the relevant recipe via the 3200i front panel push buttons.

The measured process value can be retransmitted as either a mA or voltage signal with a selection of outputs including 4-20mA and 0-10Vdc.