RS232 to USB Converter Cable

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Instructions for installing and using this cable


Please read before purchasing:

This table shows which products are compatible with this cable, and the appropriate communications module for each:

Controller Communications Module
2216e SUB22/2AM
2208e SUB22/2AM
2204e SUB22/2AM
2416 SUB24/EIA232 (A2 or AM)
2408 SUB24/EIA232 (A2 or AM)
2404 SUB24/EIA232 (A2 or AM)
2604 SUB24/EIA232 (A2)
2704 SUB24/EIA232 (A2)
3216 2XL (* see note below)
3208 2XL (* see note below)
3204 2XL (* see note below)
3508 SUB24/EIA232 (A2)
3504 SUB24/EIA232 (A2)

 * 3216, 3208, and 3204 controllers are fixed build, meaning you can not add modules after purchasing. If you have one of these units and you want to use this cable, your controller must already have 2XL in the model code.


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